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Established/May 1, 1994


Representative/HSU HUNG JU

Headquarters /No. 178, Nongchang Rd., Wang Da Industrial Park, Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan

Company Profile

Company Profile

The THAI CHI Enterprise Co., Ltd. a leading provider of printing and surface finishing materials and related processes has gained as solid reputation for high quality products and prompt after-sales service.

The company was set up in southern Taiwan in 1994, and like many of Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises, had a difficult time in the beginning but overcame the problems to grow into a leader in its field. Our president traveled abroad alone to explore overseas markets, and faced a lot of frustrations.

But after years of hard work he finally had a stable pool of clients and his company rested on a solid foundation​.

Company Milestones

Company Milestones

1994  Our president established THAI CHI Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1994.

1996  Expanded export business in 1996.

2001  Developed a new product - PP film in 2001.

2002  Constructed new plant and office, and installed a 6-colors gravure printing machine in 2002.

2003  Installed a new slitting machine and an additional doubling laminated machine in 2003.

2007  Developed a new product - PETG film in 2007.

2009  Established particle free working area in 2009.

2013  Developed a new product- Plastic Floor film in 2013.

2016  Installed the air pollution control equipment RCO in 2016.

Sales Market

Today about 20% of THAI CHI’s products are marketed in Taiwan and the rest are exported mainly to Japan, the United States, Germany, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Today quite a few leading Japanese brand manufacturers are our clients.


Sales Market

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

THAI CHI strictly observes the Taiwan official labor safety laws and regulations and establishes the labor safety fire prevention manager, and responsibility unit. 

We also developed disaster prevention and the control flow plan such as - The environment Safety Unit directly reports to the highest manager.

We established the control flow like the chemical safety, the mechanical equipment safety automatic inspection system, and the factory working safety rules and so on. 

In order to achieve “Zero disaster” for the factory we not only established the safety environment from the system and control sides as well as employee education start from the first day working for THAI CHI.

Factory Equipment

Factory Equipment
  • Plant Area: 12,000M² 

  • Employee: 80   

  • Equipment : Printing Machine- Four colors and Six colors printing machine

       Lamination Machine: Two

       Rewinder Machine: Four

       Cutting Machine: Two 

  • Maximum Productivity: 5,000,000-6,000,000M/month(Paper)     

Quality Certification

Quality Certification

THAI CHI has had to work hard to meet the high standards of its Japanese customers, taking great care with the selection of materials and making premium-grade printing ink. On keep up with world trends we started using eco-friendly materials in 2003 and two years later our products won SONY’s ‘Green Partner’ certification.  No other Taiwanese company has yet earned this honor.
Our efforts to improve technology, upgrade quality, and enhance operating efficiency were recognized by its acquisition of ISO 9001 in 2005.  The products of THAI CHI meet not only the standards of Japan but also the world, such as RoHS.  They are free of toxic substances as lead, hexavalent chromium, and mercury, and this has made them ever more welcome in the increasingly environment-oriented global market.
We are going to make ourselves even more eco-friendly by using only water-based printing ink, despite the higher cost of such ink.  Currently the company is actively applying for ‘green’ building material mark and ‘environmental protection’ certificates both at home and abroad.

Certificate Green Partner
ISO 9001

Research & Development

Research & Development

The wood grain PAPER, PVC, and PP as well as solid color are our main products.  Its monthly output currently consists of about 4.5 million meters of PAPER products, 700000 meters of PVC products, and 100000 meters of PP products. One of our vital materials for the success of finishing products is ink printing.

It is not easy to mix the ink printing with the right color for a perfect result, so we have to have experienced professional workers to handle the mixing of ink. In addition, precision measurement devices are also indispensable

Expand Market

Expand Market

In the future, THAI CHI will develop sophisticated mirror-coating technology to use in the high-end items such as speaker boxes, TV stands, etc.  Besides continuing to cultivate its existing markets,

THAI CHI also plans to expand the markets into Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. 

We want to become a global company ship our products all over the world.  We hope to become one of the major suppliers of the world for surface treatment and finishing materials.


Address : No. 178, Nongchang Rd., Wang Da Industrial Park, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan

 Tel : +886-7-7880998  Fax : +886-7-7880990

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